Survival Weekend

Do you think that you can survive a weekend without the modern comforts like electricity, running water, indoor toilet and central-heating? Would you like to spend a weekend in a cottage in the middle of the beautiful Finnish national park? Then look no further! The Survival Weekend is for you.


For the Survival Weekend, we rent a cottage in Seitseminen

National Park, north of Tampere. There we have to survive

without electricity and central-heating. The cottage and the sauna need to be warmed up with wood that first need to  be chopped in a shed. The water needs to be carried from a

well to the sauna and the cottage. Also, if you want warm water, it needs to be warmed up using the wood. For the true survivors, there is also the possibility to sleep in a tent.


The programme for the weekend includes such as a survival track competition, a walk in the forest, sauna and relaxing by campfire. There’s also jobs like cutting the wood, making the food etc. that needs to be taken care of. Everybody needs to do their part so that the experience would be most rewarding to everybody.


If you have friends in other schools, they can also join the Survival Weekend.

Survival weekend autumn 2017