CLINT is involved in organizing many different events throughout the school year. Some of these events have formed into traditions that are organized almost every fall and spring semester. We are always open to new ideas so feel free to contact us!

Our main events are welcoming events during orientation week, Stockholm Cruise, Lapland trip, and St. Petersberg trip. We organize smaller events such as sauna nights, baking Finnish traditional pastries, boardgame nights etc..

These events are oriented towards international exchange students and international tutors studying in TAMK. However, all your friends from other universities and your new Finnish friends are more than welcome! We want to fill every single spot possible so always invite your friends!


-CLINT Stockholm cruise 24.-26.


-Tamko goes Tallinn 17.-18.


-CLINT Lapland: 6.-11.12. A trip to Saariselkä, bus ride there and back, accommodation in cabins, activities