Finally the much asked student overalls are available to all exchange students!

CLINT has designed overalls specifically for the exchange students to make the student experience even better and complete, because.. well, what is a student without his/her traditional student uniform? 😉
Get your own now from Tamko office and dive deeper in to the student culture of Finland!


The Exchange student overalls come with Finnish colors!

The back part shows usually the study faculty of the student. On exchange student overalls it says “Exchange Student” so they fit all!

What exactly are the student overalls?

The student overalls have been part of the student culture of Finland for decades and using them in student events is as normal as going to sauna. The origin of the overalls use among students is somewhat unclear but in Finland they have been originally only been used by the students of Universities of Technology in their events. Nowadays, they are a big part of the student culture all over Finland, no matter what kind of university you study at. They are “a party-uniform” that are worn in student parties and other events such as “sit sits”. They indicate others that you are part of the party group! They also are practical; they save your normal clothes from getting dirty 😉

As you will notice on the streets when there is a student event going on, there are multiple differently colored overalls. The colors aren’t just random. Each student faculty and/or degree program has its own color, for example in TAMK  nurses have fuchsia (pink) ones and business administration students have purple ones. Different schools might use the same color for different degree programs, but if you check the back part of the overalls, you can see from which school they are and from which study field.

From many student events, the participant will get a a patch. These patches are meant to be sowed on the overalls, to be a decoration, to indicate your participation and first of all, to be a nice memory! After your studies, you have them all there in one place and the student overalls itself become a memory of your student life. There is no rules for where to place the patches, but normally you should not cover the sponsors’ tags.


Where to get them?
TAMKO office

What do they cost?

What size to get?
There are three sizes available; S, M & L
The overalls run LARGE (trust me) so e.g. if you are normally size M, most likely size S is just perfect for you. They are supposed to be a bit “baggy” and loose. You can try out different sizes at Tamko office to find the perfect ones for you!

How to wear them?
Rule number one: Do not wear them all the way up!
The upper part is meant to be tied around your waist, so that the name of the university and your faculty can be seen. Usually, the overalls are quite loose so it might be a good idea to get a belt to make sure they stay up throughout the night!
Learn here how to wear the overalls correctly!


Remember also to get the first patch for your new overalls!
CLINT patch, 2€, from TAMKO office!