Survival Kits

The idea of a survival kit is to provide students with some everyday items that are expensive to buy here and difficult to bring with. Survival kits are maintained and offered by Tamko and CLINT in co-operation.

The kits should be reserved and paid in advance at You can get your survival kit when you arrive in Finland.

The kits are meant for exchange students as well as incoming foreign degree students studying in TAMK.

The price of the Survival Kit for the first semester is:
– 80€ for all
– 20/25€ (member/non-member) extra charge for the 2nd semester

However, 50€ (Tamko non-members) and 55€ (Tamko members)  is refunded once the kit is returned (in good shape!). If the kit is returned untidy (i.e. dishes are not done) or something is missing or broken, the deposit will be kept as compensation.



– Coffee mug (2)

– Drinking glass (2)

– Dinner plate (2)

– Bread plate (2)

– Soup plate (2)

– Fork (2)

– Knife (2)

– Spoon (2)

– Teaspoon (2)

– Bread knife


– Spatula

– Ladle

– Frying pan

– Cooking pot

– Cooking pot lid

– Kitchen towel

– Plastic bowl

– Potholder (2)

– Cutting board

– Storage box

In addition, the price includes bed linen (pillow, pillow case, blanket, blanket cover, bed sheet). Please note that bed linen will not be returned with the kit.