International Tutoring

Become an international tutor!


New international tutors are needed every year. Every student at TAMK can apply to become a tutor. As an international tutor you come across with many people and cultures from around the world and improve your language skills. International tutoring also adds up your ECTS credits!


International tutors take care of incoming exchange students and help their adaptation to the Finnish culture. Being an international tutor enables YOU to make contacts with people from different nationalities, make new friends and have a lot of good time.


Some of the activities of international tutors are:


  • Being in contact with the exchange students before their arrival to Finland, as well as during their stay here
  • Picking up the keys
  • Picking up the exchange student from airport, train station or bus station
  • Transportation to the apartment and handing out the room keys
  • Providing the Survival kit
  • Introducing the city and the school
  • Assisting in getting a bus card, opening a bank account, signing the rental agreement etc.


International tutors also play an active role in organizing various activities and events for the exchange students.


The tutor trainings are held two times a year at TAMK main campus. The trainings are organised by the student union Tamko and they consist of two evening sessions.


You can check the time of the next training and its sign-up from the Tamko web-page.